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Mission and vision

Our vision

To develop high-level research with internationally significant impact in the fields of chemistry and chemical technology, food technology, biotechnology and environmental technology as well as to create high added value, innovative knowledge, materials and technologies for sustainable development.

Our mission

To become and to remain the leading institution in Lithuania, that prepares highly skilled chemistry professionals and performs high-quality and relevant research in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, food technology, biotechnology and environmental engineering.

Our values
Bringing together and maintaining qualified teaching and research staff, attracting and educating motivated and enthusiastic students, encouraging their dreams and goals and spreading new ideas.


We are happy to see that our graduates of are highly valued by the industry.
The team of skilled educators and researchers is one of our greatest assets: our research results are published in high-profile scientific journals. We carry out national and international projects, constantly improve our science and studies equipment, renovate laboratories and infrastructure.


The Faculty of Chemical Technology at Kaunas State University was founded on 9 December 1947. On 31 October 1950 the university was reformed into Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, and on 30 October 1990 it became Kaunas University of Technology.
After establishment the Faculty housed Department of Physical Chemistry (in 1950–1970 it was called Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry), Department of Inorganic Chemistry (Department of General Chemistry separated from it in 1964), Department of Inorganic Technology (transformed into Department of Silicate Technology in 1950), departments of Organic Chemistry and Organic Technology. The Department of Food Product Technology originated and was separated from the latter in 1951.
In 1956, departments of Organic Chemistry and Organic Technology were merged into one Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology. On 1 September 1965, it once again split into two separate ones – Department of Organic Chemistry and Department of Organic Technology.
In 1988, Department of Engineering Ecology was established.
In 2005, an Institute of Synthetic Chemistry was established.
In 2010, a modern Food Science and Technology Competence Centre was established funded by the Faculty and EU Cohesion Fund.
In 2013, departments of General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry were merged into one Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry. Department of Engineering Ecology was renamed into Department of Environmental Technology; Department of Food Product Technology was renamed into Department of Food Science and Technology, and the Department of Organic Technology – into Department of Polymer Chemistry and Technology.

Prof. Kęstutis Baltakys – Dean of the Faculty

Members elected by faculty departments:
Prof. Ramunė Rutkaitė – tarybos pirmininkė
Assoc. Prof. Kristina Kantminienė – tarybos sekretorė
Prof. Vytautas Getautis
Prof. Linas Kliučininkas
Prof. Saulius Grigalevičius
Prof. Ingrida Ancutienė
Prof. Aušra Šipailienė
Assoc. Prof. Eglė Arbačiauskienė
Assoc. Prof. Zenonas Valančius
Assoc. Prof. Milda Pukalskienė
Assoc. Prof. Rasa Paleckienė
Assoc. Prof. Anatolijus Eisinas

Members delegated by the Student Union of the Faculty:
Stud. Liepa Daugėlaitė
Stud. Monika Eimutytė
Stud. Tadas Magyla
Stud. Justas Čėsna




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