Don’t miss your future: attend WANTed Career Days 2018 in October

Important | 2018-09-17

On Wednesday, 24 October Kaunas Žalgiris Arena will become a meeting point for more than 150 companies and organisations and thousands of students and recent graduates. The largest in the Baltics career fair will be organised by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) for the 14th time.

The slogan of the event – “Wanted meets wanted” – suggests that this is the place for the best job providers in the market to meet the most sought after employees. Among the companies present in the event will be ABB (the main sponsor of the event), Hella, Hollister Incorporated, Centric, Continental Automotive Lithuania and others. Almost 9 thousand students and graduates from various higher education institutions and high schools visited the Fair last year.

“This year, in order to make networking more efficient, we are introducing an electronic system for exchanging contacts. Similar system is being used in international fairs, where the event visitors can order special cards featuring their contact information and a mini CV. A student or a graduate will not need a paper copy of their CV, their information will be provided electronically to the potential employer. This will allow to save time for live conversation”, says Lina Slavickaitė, Head of Partnership Development and Career Centre.

This year, the visitors will be invited to the 3 different areas: Career Zone will accommodate stands of companies and organisations, Innovation Alley will introduce various opportunities created by companies, organisations and by KTU. Charismatic speakers, successful businessmen and society figures will share their insights during WANTed Talks conference.

Before the Fair the participants will be informed about all the possibilities and innovations of the event so as they could use all the Career Days opportunities to the full. More details on the preparatory session will be provided later. Slavickaitė reminds that the event is not only for the students (undergraduates, master’s and PhD students) and graduates of all Lithuanian universities, but also for high school students.

Overview of the job market

Students and job providers are not the only interested parties of the event. The career fair organised by KTU presents a great opportunity for companies to meet their partners and colleagues, to get an overview of the job market. Moreover, as scientists and teachers often are mediators between business and students, Career Days is also an event for them – for networking, for inviting interesting speakers into their lectures, for researching job markets’ needs for new knowledge.

“During the event the students can not only find a permanent or temporary job position, but also agree upon the topic of their final project, which would be both interesting and practically applicable in a real life. This is a career contact fair – students approach companies with any questions, the event presents a stage, where anything can happen”, says Slavickaitė.

More fun in different zones

The organiser of the event is emphasising the importance of the Innovation Alley and WANTed Talks.

WANTed talks conference will not only feature best speakers who will challenge their audience by introducing the hot career-related topics, but will also be moderated by a well-known charismatic personality whose identity is still being kept secret.

“We believe that this person will be able to open-up the audience and will succeed to involve them into the lively discussion”, says Slavickaitė.

The Innovation Alley is the opportunity for companies to showcase their real work environment and achievements, to introduce their technologies, motivational systems and career opportunities.

“Last year one company brought their harvester simulator and the visitors could try how it felt to drive an agricultural machine. Similar solutions are very attractive for the audience. We have already received several very interesting enquiries from companies, so I can promise that this year we will definitely have a considerable amount of unconventional displays”, says Slavickaitė.

KTU WANTed Career Days will take place on Wednesday, October 24 from 10am till 4pm in Kaunas Žalgiris Arena (Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue 50). More information on the event:

Information partners of the event – and “Kas vyksta Kaune”, partners of the event – job advertising sites and; the patron of the event is Robertas Dargis, the President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.