Studies that shape you

Choose modern studies in modern laboratories! Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from professionals in your field, do internships in the largest Lithuanian chemical, biotechnology or food industry companies and go on exchange to more than 32 countries.


Bachelor’s studies

Studying chemistry without a chemistry exam is a mission possible, but you will definitely need chemistry while studying. We offer you to choose one of 5 bachelor study programs in the field of physical, engineering or technological sciences. During your studies, you will spend a lot of time in modern laboratories developing your skills. You will be able to practice not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.


Master’s studies

After completing your bachelor’s degree, further your knowledge with a master’s degree. You can continue the topics you’ve started, or dive into a new study programme. The Master’s programme focuses on skills development. There are excellent opportunities to take part in a wide range of research and experimental development (R&D) projects. A network of international partners offers excellent opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and develop your personality and competences when you go abroad for study or practice.


Doctoral studies

The path of a scientist is a very interesting and challenging one. It’s an opportunity to work with and learn from professionals in your field of research. It’s also a chance to participate in scientific events, conferences, seminars, internships, and research centres of foreign partners and to further your knowledge.

Studies Projects