Department of Silicate Technology

Department was established in December 15, 1950.

  • 1940, 15th of August The Department of Inorganic Technology was established at Kaunas University to train silicate and inorganic engineers-technologists.
  • 1950, 15th of December, after the reorganization of Kaunas University and the establishment of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, the name of the Department of Inorganic Technology was changed to Silicate Technology. All teaching staff and specialties were transferred to it.
  • 1940 and 1947-1949. Prof. Pranas Jodelė was a head of the department. He was a pioneer of cement production in Lithuania. From 1913 to 1914 he built a small factory near Valkininkai.
  • 1940-1944. Prof. Adolfas Damušis was the Dean of the Faculty of Technology (1942-1944) and at the same time managed the department. He was the first doctor of silicate technology who defended his dissertation in 1940.
  • 1944-1946 and 1949-1956. The head of the department was Assoc. prof. Vladas Sližys. He was a leading expert in the field of development of building materials industry in Lithuania.
  • 1956-1962. The head of the department was Prof. Marijonas Martynaitis – winner of the National Science Award (1966).
  • 1962-1989. The head of the department was Prof. Kęstutis Sasnauskas. He created a scientific branch for the synthesis of calcium silicate hydrates, their properties and applications. Prof. K. Sasnauskas supervised 12 successfully defended doctoral dissertations. He initiated the establishment of modern (in those days) Instrumental analysis and process engineering laboratories.
  • 1964-1983. Prof. M. Martynaitis was a Rector of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. Before, he worked as a Vice-Rector for Studies for 10 years.
  • 1965-1991. Prof. K. Sasnauskas was the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. He established the new ‘C block’ of the Faculty building.
  • 1980 The 1st International Conference – ‘Calcium Silicate hydrates and Their Applications’ was organized by The Department. After 10 years – the 2nd one.
  • The winners of the National Science Award: 1984 Prof. K. Sasnauskas and Assoc. prof. M. Martusevicius, 1985 – Assoc. prof. Vincas Jasiukevičius and in 1987 – Assoc. prof. Eduardas Daumantas.
  • 1989-1995. The head of the department was Assoc. prof. Marijonas Martusevičius. After the restitution of Lithuania’s independence he was the first Chairman of the Council of the Faculty of Chemical Technology.
  • 1995-2006 The head of the department was Assoc. prof. Zenonas Valančius, 40,000th KPI graduate.
  • 1997 Assoc. prof. Kazys Strazdas was awarded the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas (the 5th class).
  • 1997-2000 Prof. Raimundas Šiaučiūnas was the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. Before, he worked as a Vice-Dean for Studies for 5 years.
  • 2000 – now Assoc. prof. Z. Valančius works as a Vice-Dean (Head of Administration) of the Faculty of Chemical Technology.
  • 2004 the first international Baltic Silicate Materials Research Conference ‘BaltSilica2004’ (Riga) was organized in the cooperation with Riga Technical University. After that, conference took place three times in Kaunas – in 2005, 2009 and 2016.
  • 2006-2019 The head of the department was Prof. Rimvydas Kaminskas, who renovated laboratories of materials synthesis, instrumental analysis and chemical engineering with modern equipment.
  • 2007-2011 Prof. R. Šiaučiūnas was the Rector of Kaunas University of Technology. Before, he worked as a Vice-Rector for Studies for 7 years.
  • 2008-2011 Prof. R. Šiaučiūnas initiated the Integrated Science, Studies and Business Valley Project ‘Santaka Valley’ and was the President of the Association for its Implementation.
  • 2009-2011 Prof. R. Šiaučiūnas was an expert at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and 2011 he was elected as a full member.
  • 2015 Prof. K. Baltakys was awarded the annual Scholarship of dr. Juozas Petras Kazickas Family Foundation.
  • 2018 Prof. Kęstutis Baltakys was elected the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology.
  • 2019 dr. T. Dambrauskas was awarded the scholarship of Theodore Grotus.
  • From 2019 the head of the department is Prof. dr. R. Šiaučiūnas.

Study programs curated by the department:
Bachelor’s studies

Master’s studies

Fields of science: T005 Chemical Engineering.

  • Technological Research of Alternative Cementitious Materials and Geopolymer Composites

Group leader: prof. dr. Raimundas Šiaučiūnas

Development of alternative binders to Ordinary Portland cement, research and application of various technogenic and natural raw materials in silicate systems. Modern hydrothermal, microwave and high-temperature synthesis processes, which include the formation of silicate and related materials; research into their properties, structure and use in advanced production technologies for low CO2 and energy consuming cements and other functional inorganic products.

Researchers: dr. K. Baltakys, dr. I. Barauskas, dr. T. Dambrauskas, dr. A. Eisinas, dr. A. Grinevičienė, dr. R. Kaminskas, dr. N. Kybartienė, dr. R. Kubiliūtė, dr. E. Prichockienė, dr. R. Šiaučiūnas, dr. Z. Valančius, dr. V. Valančienė, dr. G. Vaickelionis.


Prof. Raimundas Šiaučiūnas

Head of Department

Radvilėnų pl. 19, Kaunas


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