Synthetic Chemistry Institute

KTU’s Institute of Synthetic Chemistry was established in 2005.


KTU’s Institute of Synthetic Chemistry was established in 2005.
The institute is equipped with the latest equipment necessary for scientific research and applies contemporary methods of organic synthesis including stereo selective synthesis, synthesis in absolutely dry conditions, Pd-catalysed cross coupling reaction, Ru-catalysed metathesis reaction, catalytic hydration with high pressure, synthesis in low temperature and photochemical reaction etc.

The institute carries out outsourced scientific research under the orders of foreign biopharmaceutical companies and participates in scientific cooperation with scientists from the universities of Vilnius, Ghent in Belgium, Vienna in Austria and Orleans in France.


Main research areas:

  • Synthesis and studies of heterocyclic compounds;
  • Synthesis and studies of biomolecule synthetic analogues;
  • Pd-catalysed cross-coupling reactions;
  • Renewable biomaterials;
  • Development of biologically active substances;
  • Development of organic optical materials.


Joana Solovjova
e. p.



Prof. Algirdas Šačkus


K. Baršausko g. 59b-512, Kaunas

Name Position Adress E-mail
Algirdas Šačkus Chief researcher K. Baršausko st. 59-512
Neringa Kleizienė Researcher K. Baršausko st. 59-523
Greta Ragaitė Junior researcher K. Baršausko st. 59-531
Aurimas Bieliauskas Junior researcher K. Baršausko st. 59-528
Rasa Steponavičiūtė Junior researcher K. Baršausko st. 59-527
Monika Dargytė Laborantė K. Baršausko st. 59-314

Doctoral students