KTU Startup Space companies share their good practices with Baltic neighbours

Important | 2020-08-27

Icebreakers 2020, organised by University of Latvia Student Business Incubator, university conference introducing successful startups, entrepreneurs and innovative ideas will take place on 9th October 2020. 70 speakers, more than 1 200 visitors are expected in the conference, which will be hosted online this year. Laurynas Sabonis, Business Development Manager of Aciety startup is among the speakers of the conference. Aciety is one of more than 70 startups conceived at KTU Startup Space.

“My past 5+ years have been a rewarding experience in several fields of non-development tech spheres, as QA manager, a content writer before that and now, a business developer for Aciety, that is breaking rules of how business should be done, implementing new ways and paths for cooperation by inventing something that hasn’t been before”, says Laurynas.

In his presentation, he will talk on how to increase hourly rates and competitiveness in the IT business by transitioning from services to products.

Aciety is one of the companies, which was established at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) startup community Startup Space. Founded in 2012, the first academic startup community in Lithuania, KTU Startup Space has cultivated more than 70 startup companies, which created more than 110 jobs. The key points of KTU Startup Space development and activities are outlined on the Icebreakers blog.

A record-breaking number of Baltic Universities will join the Icebreakers conference this year. The focus of Icebreakers 2020, organised by the University of Latvia Student Business Incubator is attracting funding and grants and navigating in the new social distancing economy.

“It is crucial that young people not only understand the mechanism and different phases of an economic crisis but also discover the possibilities of creating their own jobs by becoming entrepreneurs and founders”, say the organisers of the conference.

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