Rector Eugenijus Valatka: Chemistry is full of colour and changing matter

Important | 2018-08-22

“I would choose chemistry again, it is close to me both in practical and philosophical way”, says the new Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Rector, chemist, professor Eugenijus Valatka. In a candid interview he talks about books and music, his dream travel destinations and his first impressions on KTU as a student.

If you were an element in Mendeleev periodical table, who would you be? Such a question could present a riddle to anyone, but not an experienced researcher in the field of chemistry.

“I could say that I am titanium, as it is strong, resilient to corrosion and, what is very important, is friendly to human body”, smiles Professor Valatka.

Do you know why chemistry is appealing? What film is the film of all times for the new Rector? What he likes to do on Sundays (and do they exist for the rector)? Find out all the answers in the interview below.