Open up your talents: become a GIFTed student today

Important | 2020-09-10

Greetings to all of you coming to study to Kaunas University of Technology in September. We know that you’re busy getting settled and acquainted with everything the University has to offer. Among them – GIFTed Community, which is admitting new members right now.

Have you always been a bit nerdy type, wanting to get more from your studies and never satisfied with less than the perfect result? You might be the right fit to become a GIFTed student.

“I have had opportunities to develop my soft skills, participate in different activities, study an extra module, all with some of the best students of KTU. All the members in the GIFTed community are smart, talented and very motivated about their studies and hobbies. I have to say, being a member of the GIFTed is my favourite part about studying in Lithuania”, says Sona Yavrumyan from Armenia.

Sona says that she’d found out about GIFTed before even coming to Lithuania while browsing the University’s website. She was interested in the opportunity to expand her knowledge academically, to be exposed to many chances to develop personally and professionally, to make new friends and get a scholarship along the way.

“I made so many good friends after joining GIFTed, which is something I was struggling with the first month I was in Lithuania. I am definitely thankful to be a part of the community and I hope more international students will be joining it in the coming years”, says Sona.

Why become a GIFTed student? You will work with career mentors – professionals in the business sector of your chosen study field, you will participate in the programme “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” for personal development and emotional intelligence development and will plan the development of your personal competences. Being GIFTed you will have access to exceptional knowledge and networking possibilities will participate in challenges and will be rewarded for your achievements.

Take a look at all the benefits and possibilities offered by GIFTed programme and register today.

Besides GIFTed, KTU is offering 5 more programmes aimed at nurturing the students’ personal and professional skills and talents. Please, take a look at all the possibilities that we are offering to our students and choose your way to success. Always remember, student life includes so much more than just studies!