KTU international students donated clothes to a social care home

Important | 2018-08-14

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) international organisation Women Leadership Network initiated a charity act – they collected used clothes from the University students and staff and donated them to socially deprived families. Around 70 families will be able to receive support from KTU community.

This is the second time WLN KTU is organising the initiative.

“Last year the response to the project was very positive, so this year we decided to expand it: we kept bags not only in dormitories, but also in the International Office, so the staff could take part in the initiative as well. We are really pleased by the active participation of KTU community – we needed 4 taxis to transport all the clothes to the care home”, says Titty Varghese, KTU doctoral student, the director of the WLN.

She says that the aim of the project is to encourage young people to lead socially responsible life. The collected clothes and home appliances were donated to the organisation to “Pagalba visos Lietuvos Šeimoms” in Kaunas. The organisation provides social care for disabled children, young people and provides assistance to around 70 families continuously on a monthly basis. It also gives special attention to people by providing supervision, medical assistance and learning possibilities, helping in increasing mental ability and social interaction.

“We realised that our students are more than willing to contribute to the humanitarian actions. As a head of this project I believe that we all have the responsibility to support the society in which we live regardless of our nationality, language or social status. We, WLN hope to encourage more youth participation in such collaborative actions and thus involve them in social care”, says Titty.

She is grateful to Monika Jurčiūtė, from “Pagalba visos Lietuvos Šeimoms” for cooperating in this project, and is thanking WLN members whose support was essential from the beginning till the end: Shanthi, Fallon, Ana, Dalia Vidhya and Ebru were leading in volunteering process.

Titty reminds the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Man’s true wealth hereafter is the good he has done to his fellowmen” and invites everyone to use the opportunity to help others whenever we can.