Student M. Najafov successfully represents KTU in ECIU challenges

Important | 2022-02-03

In university, students acquire not only plain theoretical knowledge – they also are encouraged to think of new ideas that could be applied to solve certain issues of society. ECIU university is a university consortium consisting of 12 European universities (KTU among them) and bringing students from different countries together to solve realistic challenges.

These activities interest students of Chemical Technology (KTU FTC), as well. First-year student of Chemical Engineering master’s programme, Murad Najafov, is an active participant of ECIU challenges.

Representing the University

Between January 17th and 21st, M. Najafov participated in the final presentation for a challenge created by CVE – French independent producer of renewable energy – and organized by National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse (INSA Toulouse). M. Najafov has been working on this challenge since October of last year.

The challenge consisted of Biogas project in Occitanie region (France) analysis: research was carried out on value chains, business potential and carbon impacts of a biobased-CO2 valorization model in circular economy. On January 21st, Murad successfully represented KTU and presented his and his team’s findings to ECIU community and CVE representatives.

Tangible benefits

This particular project, as well as all the other ECIU challenges, will have tangible benefits not only for participating students, but to the society as well. Findings obtained during the analysis will be used to assess the feasibility of a Biogas unit, which is expected to start in 2023, in the Occitanie region.