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Requirements for Erasmus+ program

  • at least one academic year of Bachelor studies has been completed in the same field of studies as that chosen abroad (the first year and the last semester students shall not be allowed to go to the Programme studies); The first year bachelor students are allowed to participate in the spring selection but they can only leave after the successful completion of the first academic year.
  • conformity of the chosen plan of studies at the receiving institution to the University study programme;
  • a student’s academic results (minimum average of marks – 6.5 points). Students, having academic debts, shall not be eligible to the selection;
  • foreign language knowledge (minimum level of knowledge of a foreign language – B2)
  • clear and reasonable motivation to study abroad

Important! If you wish to participate in Erasmus+ program for part-time studies, you must check if KUT and the university of your choice has an inter-institutional agreement – students cannot go for part-time studies if there is no agreement. This rule does not apply for traineeships.

Requirements for bilateral exchange

  • A minimum grade point average of the completed semesters for the first cycle students – 7.5. The students who have academic debts cannot participate in the selection;
  • Minimum academic results of the completed cycles for the second and third cycle students – at least 7.5;
  • Good knowledge of the English language (at least B2 level);
  • Compatibility of the studies at the foreign higher education institution and the study programme at the University;
  • Clear and academically justified motivation for the studies abroad.

Students willing to participate in the selection for exchange studies under bilateral exchange programme during the 2022/2023 academic year have to:

  1. Choose a university abroad. The language of instruction at the host university and the compatibility of exchange study plan to your KTU study programme must be taken into consideration.
  2. Register online on February 1st-20th, 2022 by submitting online application form (the registration link will be provided in January). The following documents must be attached to the application form: Transcript of Records for the completed semesters and Certificate of Language Proficiency (the certificate shall be not more than 2 years old). Only application forms completed in full will be accepted.
  3. If you do not have a valid English proficiency certificate, take the English Test at KTU. Language tests will be held in KTU Centre of Foreign Languages, address A. Mickevičiaus str. 37 in February. Registration details will be announced in January.

Most institutions accept the university language test as proof of English proficiency. However, some universities accept only TOEFL, CAE and IELTS. In order to make sure which language tests your receiving institution accepts, please check the List of Available Partner Institutions. You need to register and take TOEFL, CAE or IELTS tests during or after the exchange selection individually.

Important! For those applying for Erasmus+ traineeship, it is not mandatory to submit English language proficiency certificate.

  1. Take part in the selection at the faculty on February 22nd-28th, 2022. The timetable for online selection meetings will be announced here. The faculty’s international coordinator will notify the applicants on the participation in selection meetings by email.

The candidate students shall be informed about the selection results individually within 5 working days after the selection meeting.

Erasmus+ scholarship

Students may be awarded an Erasmus+ EU grant to help cover travel and subsistence expenses incurred in connection with their study period abroad. The amounts of the grant are defined by the National Agency. You can find more information about the exact amounts here.

The minimum amount of months that Erasmus+ scholarship can be awarded is three months.

The final amount for the mobility period is determined by multiplying the number of months of the mobility with the rate applicable per month for the receiving country. In the case of incomplete months, the financial support is calculated by multiplying the number of days in the incomplete month with 1/30 of the unit cost per month.

Erasmus+ scholarship is transferred to student‘s personal bank account. 90% of the determined amount is transferred before departure to the partner university, the rest of the scholarship is paid after returning and submitting all the required documents.

Students with special needs can request additional grant support. In preparation of your Erasmus+ mobility, you should indicate your needs and foreseen extra costs linked to your physical, mental or health-related conditions, in order to apply for the Erasmus+ special needs support grant. Areas that could be eligible for support linked to your Erasmus+ mobility, according to individual needs, include but are not limited to: adapted accommodation, travel assistance, medical attendance, supportive equipment, adaption of learning material, an accompanying person, etc.

Ask the academic exchange coordinator to help you with the Erasmus+ special needs support application form. Information for outgoing students is available at KTU Academic Mobility and Networks Office (

KUT Mobility Grant for Bilateral Exchange

The selected students may be eligible for a mobility grant contributing to living costs and travel expenses.

Mobility grant consists of: a grant for living costs – 700 Eur/month, and a contribution for travel expenses in accordance to 6 categories of travel distance. You can find more about the exact amounts based on the region here.


For the spring semester of 2021-2022 academic year, students can study abroad in more than 20 countries. You can find an extensive list here .